Frames around giving and receiving

They are there to get something – what if you don’t give it to them
Giving and receiving expectations

They are there to give something to themselves (a gift)

I am there to have an experience, give myself and experience
To learn how to be more independent
and release perceived dependencies
and say hello to where I am getting caught up with them
who is that and how is he?


I am there to give something vs.
I am there to share something vs.
I am there to trigger something that is already there within them (let it infold, let it flower, let it blossom)


I am there to trigger insights and re-organisations at a unconscious/body level

Other Frames

It’s just the dance of energy, interacting and interplaying endlessly
Everything is an illusion, a play of light and form
There are just people in a room – and you happen to be one of them – that’s all


Thoughts That Cause Fear

Beliefs about public speaking

I’m not good at public speaking
I am not a good public speaker
I’m not confident

Beliefs about Identity

What is a good public speaker like?
I am a speaker

What am I like?

What is the overlap –
we are both human, breathing, living organisms
we both have things we are good at and things we are not good at


Can’t make a mistake, what if I fluff something I am saying


What if I forget what I have to say
They are looking at me – they ar all judging me
What if I am boring / not interesting
Who am I, how do I have the right to have all these people’s attention

What if I lose them
What if they don’t come back
What fi they go inside and disconnect from me – what state does that put me in?

they are not getting what I am saying / not understanding
I am not explaining it well enough

They don’t like what I am saying
They don’t agree with what I am saying
I am not doing what they want
I am not giving (delivering) them what they want

I am standing and they are all sitting – there for there is a difference between us and I am the odd one out – I am different to them – is that true?

The Frightened Learner

The one who is afraid to learn

I can’t – it will be a failure – and I will end up being connected back into that traumatic experience – not true ..

What do you say to someone who wants to learn something, but the very thought of practicing fills them with fear – we want to release that fear for them – so they can at least engage in the activity of learning –

If the cost of getting it wrong is too enormous, then …

Why Public Speaking?

So, if public speaking is in the top 10 of all fears, maybe even the top 5, why would anyone is their right mind subject themselves to the ordeal of standing up in front of a group of people and risking public humiliation and ridicule?

Well, as we all know, someone is relaxed and confident speaking in public somehow has certain draw, and covers a certain status, that lesser mortals seem to lack …

compared to all those things you have been – did you know that whatever you have been, you can grow up to be anything you want?

This is an identity level issue – and what those identities believe they can or cannot do, what their abilities are, and what they can and cannot learn – they need to know they can learn these things, even if they never thought they could