Thoughts That Cause Fear

Beliefs about public speaking

I’m not good at public speaking
I am not a good public speaker
I’m not confident

Beliefs about Identity

What is a good public speaker like?
I am a speaker

What am I like?

What is the overlap –
we are both human, breathing, living organisms
we both have things we are good at and things we are not good at


Can’t make a mistake, what if I fluff something I am saying


What if I forget what I have to say
They are looking at me – they ar all judging me
What if I am boring / not interesting
Who am I, how do I have the right to have all these people’s attention

What if I lose them
What if they don’t come back
What fi they go inside and disconnect from me – what state does that put me in?

they are not getting what I am saying / not understanding
I am not explaining it well enough

They don’t like what I am saying
They don’t agree with what I am saying
I am not doing what they want
I am not giving (delivering) them what they want

I am standing and they are all sitting – there for there is a difference between us and I am the odd one out – I am different to them – is that true?


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